If shopping is your passion, then go no further than the major metropolitan cities of Indonesia. With high end labels from around the world, many of Indonesia’s malls can rival Europe and American with their collections. The malls of Jakarta, Indonesia’s bustling capital, vary from those with high end designers to the chaotic crowds of local markets where anyone can pick up a bargain. If fashion is not your style, try shopping at a traditional market where you can test your bahasa bartering on local produce, handicrafts or antiques. Sample the tropical fruit or take in the sights of traditional bamboo furniture for sale. For those who like to browse, it will be impossible to resist the temptation to wander the streets and look at all the traditional wares on offer, from beautiful batik materials to shiny pieces of hand crafted silver jewellery.


Example of places to shop:

Solo Surakarta

Famous as a city that is fiercely proud of its Javanese traditions, the regal city of Solo or Surakarta is known throughout Indonesia as a strong upholder of Javanese culture.  You’ll need at least a few days to explore the city to wander around and discover all the vibrant old markets, busy street life and ancient buildings.

Solo has a large airport, the Surakarta - Adi Sumarmo Wiryokusumo International Airport, which has daily flights traveling from most major cities throughout Indonesia. International flights also fly from here to Malaysia and Singapore.


Home to Indonesia's many textile factories, the city of Bandung offers a large number of factory outlets where Jakarta shoppers regularly flock to, to find the latest trendy apparel at reasonable prices.

From Jakarta, you can take a flight to Bandung. Those who are interested in seeing the panorama between Bandung and Jakarta might find riding a train more to their liking. Or you can rent a car to come to this city. It's only takes two or three hours to drive though.


When one looks out from Singapore’s high towers across the Straits onto the Indonesian islands, there the islands of Batam and Bintan appear very inviting, basking in the sun.  Lying less than one hour by fast ferry from Singapore, the islands promise a completely contrasting environment from that of busy metropolitan Singapore.


Whether you're a serious spender or half-hearted shopper, there's sure to be something for everyone in Jakarta, the country’s shopping capital. The wide variety of things that you can buy in Jakarta is mind boggling from the best of local handicrafts to haute couture labels. Jakarta has literally hundreds of malls to browse through.  

Jakarta is an international gateway for Indonesia. Practically all international airlines stop here.


When it comes to Indonesian food, diversity is definitely what's on offer.  From spicy meat curries to deep fried banana to drinks of iced coconut and jelly – cuisine in Indonesia is remarkably varied.


Visitors here will find the food to be a blend of strong flavors always accompanied by nasi or rice. There is a saying in Indonesia that a meal without nasi is not really a meal and this is a philosophy that Indonesians live by, eating nasi goreng for breakfast, and more nasi for lunch and dinner.

But cities and luxury hotels do offer world class international fine dining experiences from Western dishes to Indonesian haute cuisine, or diners simply enjoy delicious freshly caught seafood served on the beach.